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Lexington House is More Than Meets the Eye

My friend and poet Bianca Spriggs shared this neat house listing from Lexington, Kentucky. The house on the outside might seem like your every day usual suburban home, if a little more roomy and with a nice yard. Usually, homes like this one have a couple of normal bedrooms, a spacey kitchen with perhaps a breakfast bar, and a tastefully decorated living room.

Idle Hour House

But the inside is shockingly different from what you’d think.

Living Room

It’s like if Santa were a millionaire, this is what his house would look like. It’s jaw dropping, for both amazing and terrifying reasons. Amazing as in, “Holy moley, that is something to see! It’s so different!” And then terrifying as in, “How do people actually live in this place and not get headaches?”

Breakfast bar

The kitchen continues this pattern of white and Santa red with gold for highlights here and there. Hey, there is in fact a breakfast bar! How about that? Well, at least when company comes over to stare at the place in amazement, there’s more than enough seating space to eat.


It’s admirable how white the kitchen is. Somebody in this household must have been magic, because the fact that nothing looks stained, burnt, or used at all. It’s like prestigious museum quality preservation here.


Assuming this is the master bedroom, this is where the owners of the house slept. With wallpaper that must reflected the sun into every corner of the room and no dark curtains, you can bet they were probably up from the crack of dawn and onwards. Once again, vanity seems completely untouched. Maybe rich ghosts lived here?

Bedroom 2

And then we come to the possible guest bedroom, which for some reason changes to a toned down all gold set up. Definitely a huge shift from the red and white, but why? Is it perhaps an acknowledgement that some people aren’t Christmas folk and would want to sleep somewhere a little less bright? We may never know the answers to these questions.

The property is being sold at $310,000. If you’re interested in it, and who wouldn’t be, go here to contact Terra Long. Make her an offer, sit down in your new home, and then email me about how it feels.

*Photo Credit: Lexington Bluegrass Association of Realtors


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