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The Sad Case Of Yukari Yokoyama

Once again this year, Gunma police are putting out pamphlets and searching for 20 year long missing person, Yukari Yokoyama. Yukari went with her father to a pachinko parlor with her father. It’s believed that she was abducted from there, but amazingly no one could give the police many leads. The only clue they have is that a man was wearing glasses and walking around the game center for fifteen minutes without playing anything, and spoke briefly to Yukari.

Every year without fail the parents Yasuo and Mitsuko, appeal to the public and to the police to help them find their missing child. Police post flyers and put the news bulletin out with sketches of what Yukari might look like now if she’s alive. There is a reward for information should it lead to the discovery of Yukari and her possible captor. All of these steps should’ve brought something to light in the last two decades, but even with over 3,910 calls in with information there is still no sign of her.


If she’s alive somewhere out there, she would be 24 years old, and perhaps never even knew that she’d been taken from her real parents at a very young age. I want to have hope, in light of the recent events of Yamato Tanooka being found after living by himself on a mountain for six days. Maybe she is alive somewhere out there, unaware of who she really is, or too scared to come to the police. Hope is hard to keep after all this time, but her parents are still trying every year to find her.

Mitsuko was reported by Japan Today saying, “We have written our wish on Tanabata slips many times over the past years, but our wish has not come true. For 20 years, I have never thought of Tanabata (July 7) as a beautiful day. This year, I hope it will be a beautiful day.”

Anyone with leads or possible information is asked to call 0276-33-0110.

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