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Studi Ghibli Producer Under Fire for Sexist Comment


When it comes to the Japanese entertainment industry, there is a distinctive lack of female directors and animators. In a world where the job is already grueling, trying to break out being a woman can be tough, and in addition to the Japanese societal issues about women in the workplace in general, sometimes it can seem nearly impossible.

Yoshiaki Nichimura, a producer with Studio Ghibli, expressed his opinion on the matter in his recent interview with The Guardian. One part of it stuck out among the rest, a quote about the studio’s lack of female directors, and when whether Ghibli would employ a female director:

It depends on what kind of a film it would be. Unlike live action, with animation we have to simplify the real world. Women tend to be more realistic and manage day-to-day lives very well. Men on the other hand tend to be more…

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