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Japanese Donald Trump Commercial

There really isn’t much to say except, well, only in Japan can you get such quality entertainment.

Just to be safe, let me head of any “WOW JAPANESE TRUMP SUPPORTER!” ideas. Mika Diva is actually a semi-famous YouTuber who does a lot of parodies of various things from the internet and real life. Digital renderings from various movie clips get put together and turned into music videos, comedies, and such. It’s all tongue and cheek, not a valid pro-Trump thing.

Actually, most of Japan isn’t a big fan of Trump. They think he’s ridiculous, stupid, and Trump hasn’t made himself seem very friendly to the Japanese government. Needless to say, if the worst case scenario happens and he does become President (God help us all), foreign relations between Japan and the U.S.A. could become very…shall we say delicate?

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