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Kentucky Judge Calls Out Mistreatment

“Am I in the Twilight Zone?! What is happening?” Judge Amber Wolf proclaims, “This is outrageous!”

After being held in a jail for three days, a resident of Louisville was refused both pants and feminine hygiene products. Judge Amber Wolf didn’t waste time and called up the jail she served time in, and let them have her wrath. Due to the inhumane treatment, she dropped the charges to a $100 fine with time served.

I have got to applaud Judge Wolf for her reaction to an obvious injustice and putting it to rights. Kentucky unfortunately has a bad reputation for being a backwards thinking state (here’s lookin’ at you Kim ugh Davis), but here’s an example of someone in the court system in Kentucky fighting for decent treatment of women.

It’s becoming more well known that the United States prison system is not exactly kind to female inmates. Only just this year, a New York City Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras formally introduced her long-awaited package of bills that would “make menstrual products free and accessible in correctional facilities, as well as in public schools and homeless shelters.” These bills came in response to complaints from inmates about being denied feminine products either due to lack of supplies or from abusive guards who refuse to give them in order to punish inmates for slights. It’s a nationwide issue that few states have bothered to made any progress or change on.

On top of this feminist issue, during a time where #BlackLivesMatter is all over the news, it’s good to see a judge taking a look at this black woman and deciding with authority over the sentencing to treat her as an equal, of a person deserving to have humane treatment, like it’s just plain old common sense. People might argue “anyone would’ve thought this was outrageous,” but remember that Bill O’Reilly just commented that the slaves who made the White House were “treated fairly.” There are some racist idiots out there who still cling to prejudice like a smoker with lung cancer clutches cigarettes.

I hope Judge Wolf’s actions inspire others to do like her: To see injustice and speak up, hold others accountable for their actions, and change the world for the better. Even if it’s just one person, black or white or male or female, everyone deserves justice. We should all be treated equally in the eyes of the law or otherwise.

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