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Womens March Tokyo! | All the VLogs!

On January 20th, I took part in the solidarity march movement that’s taking place around the world. Women’s March Tokyo was the first one in that movement. We came together to support each other, as well as stand up for the rights of women, LGQTQA+ persons, immigrants, blacks, and many more.

Of course, I wasn’t the only one there. A few others recorded the historic event as well (and did it better than me). Please check these videos out!

This one is by Ronin Dave, which features interviews with attendees.

Here I’m featuring a video series from The River. I’m only putting up the part 1 of 5, but I’ll add links to the others: [2]  [3]  [4]  [5] (My head makes a brief appearance in 5, whoohoo!)

And the final video is by noxxx710. This actually features more of the front group that was too far ahead in my video to get footage of, so there’s that. You can see the Democrats of Japan leaders and organizers in there.

The turn out was nearly twice as much as expected, which was amazing! I was very proud to be there.

Note: NOT A PROTEST, this was a march in solidarity with the people scared of what it means to have Trump as a President. We wanted to raise our voices, show that we will hold him accountable for what he said and what he will do for the next four years.

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Tokyo Rainbow Pride Swag and Parade

Hey all! I did another vlog that’s about the Tokyo Rainbow Pride Parade. The actual parade part is short, but the stuff I got was so neat I had to talk about it. This year there was so much support! I was so astonished.

I went with the group Stonewall Japan this year, and if you ever need a great LGBTQA+ resource, I highly recommend this group. They’ve got different events, meet ups, and even travel trips together. Check it out!

I plan on doing more out and about vlogging on the weekend. If you have any suggestions for what you want to see next, please put it in the comments and I’ll try to do it.

Thanks for watching!